Hairstylist or Hairdresser?

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What’s in a name? More importantly, who uses which name? Those of us in the beauty industry are in a unique position to have our choice of several professional titles. Are you a hairstylist, hair stylist (two words), or stylist? Do you refer to yourself as a hairdresser, beautician, or my personal favorite for its vintage charm, “beauty operator”? “Cosmetologist” is always a nice, all-encompassing choice. Those with a flair for French could always go with coiffure or coiffeuse.

Even those of us who don’t cut and style hair have options. You can be either an esthetician, a facialist, a waxing technician, or a makeup artist. A nail technician or a manicurist. Beyond synonyms, there are titles for those beauty professionals who work in a specific niche, such as colorists and pedicurists.

What’s your professional title? 

Do certain professional titles in the beauty industry have certain connotations in your mind? Which title do you prefer to use in your beauty career? Let us know in the comments!