Hairstylists, I See You

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Hey, you. Yes, you. I see you, I know what you do, and I appreciate you.

On this National Hairstylist Appreciation Day and every day, I want you to know that your work is important and valuable. As a hairstylist, you touch people’s lives when you touch their hair.

You hold enormous power in your skilled hands. You are an artist, a chemist, an engineer, a therapist, and a friend.

You have the power to turn around someone’s self image, to help someone see the inner beauty they may have forgotten they possess. Your gentle touch can aid the depressed, the lonely, and the grieving.

Your skilled fingers  contribute to some of the happiest days and milestones of a client’s life. You’re there, behind the scenes, for the school dances, the senior portraits, the graduations, and the weddings. The evidence of your work is seen in the photo albums they will someday show their children and grandchildren, their Facebook pages, and their memories.

I see you when you work twelve straight hours on your feet, your back and knees aching, your hands tired and raw from soap and chemicals.

I see you when someone else sends you photos of your daughter’s ball game because there’s no way you can take off on a Saturday, and when that last client on the books takes longer than expected and you have to call off dinner with your best friend.

I see you when that client complains about your prices being too high, even though you held two part-time jobs to get through cosmetology school and have worked for years to hone your craft.

I see you when that client you just can’t please drains every last drop of patience from you, and you go home and snap at your husband and kids and immediately feel awful.

I see you when you nail that four hour color correction, utilizing more chemistry knowledge and color theory than the public would ever believe you have.

I see you when you turn that client toward the mirror and her face lights up and she sees how beautiful she really is.

I see you, and I appreciate you, today and every day. You are a hairstylist, and you touch lives.


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