Build Your Beauty Brand Book Launch

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Hey, friends! If you follow The Beauty Saloon on social media you already know–I’m writing a book! Well, I’ve already written it, actually. It’s titled Build Your Beauty Brand: Find Your Niche, Captivate Your Clients, And Grow The Salon Business Of Your Dreams, and it will be released on December 6th and published through Amazon.

If you’re a booth renter or salon owner struggling with growing your business, building a loyal clientele, or standing out from the competition, this book is your solution!

I’ve taken the advice and tips from the branding series and added tons more information, expanding the content to 9 action-packed chapters to help you brand yourself and your business which is key when you want to grow and succeed in the beauty industry. Best of all, I’ve written it as a straightforward, no-nonsense, D.I.Y. guide that anyone can use. You’ll get practical advice so you can take immediate action to start building your own unique brand.

You’ll learn:

  • What branding is and isn’t and why it’s so crucial to your success.
  • How to find your niche in the beauty industry and your local market.
  • How to define your target clients.
  • How to choose the right name for your salon or independent beauty business.
  • How to design a logo and define your business’s “look” on the web or on paper.
  • How to use color to make your brand memorable.
  • How to brand your salon’s decor.
  • How to brand every aspect of your client’s experience.
  • How to live your brand every day.

And so much more!

When the book launches, it will be at a super discounted price for a very limited time. If you want to be kept in the loop and be the first to know when it’s available, sign up here, or click the photo below.

And, if you want to help me by reading a free copy of the book, leaving a review on December 6th, and spreading the word on social media, just check the box  to join my book’s launch team after you sign up and I’ll send you an invitation!