Vintage Pastel Two-Tone Haircolor

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The current pastel and vivid haircolor trend might lead you to believe that fashion-forward hues such as pink, purple, and green are a recent invention. The truth is, women have been sporting candy-colored ‘dos off and on since at least the 1700s, when Marie Antoinette and other fashionable upper crust ladies dusted their wigs or natural hair with pink and violet powder made from rice or potato starch.
In a film clip from 1956, celebrity hairdresser, Raymond Bessone, the man who trained Vidal Sassoon to cut hair, shows off his fantastic two-tone hairstyles. Two-tone paint jobs were all the rage in the mid 1950s, especially popular on the streamlined cars of the era. Here, “Mr. Teasie Weasie” has translated this look into five cutting edge styles.
Raymond HairdresserMr. Raymond was known for his signature gold shears and tortoise shell comb. Mr. Teasie Weasie's shearsA two-toned, pink style:
Vintage pastel hairvintage pink hairEven the current silver hair trend is nothing new. With this style, called “My Fair Lady” after the Broadway show, a naturally blonde model’s hair has been “temporarily colored black at the sides, and the top curls silvered”.vintage silver hair
vintage silver hairThe next fanciful shade to make an appearance is purple, here referred to as “mauve lilac”.
vintage purple hairA violet crown accents the “wide angle or Victorian style, expected to become very popular” for 1957.purple 50s hairAnd lest you think that these 1950’s fantasy colors were limited only to feminine shades such as pink and lavender, take a look at this striking “Caribbean Green” and black style. green 50s hairretro green hairSuch a stunning hairRaymond finishes with this “Victorian Bronte shape”, with the front tinted light copper, and the back a “torchlight titian“.vintage victorian hairI have a particular affinity for anything mid-Twentieth-Century-meets-Victorian, so I especially love this style.50's Victorian hairbronte hairI hope you enjoyed this colorful jaunt through hairstyling history. You can watch the entire film clip from British Pathe below.