This page is where I try to collect all the useful tools and resources that you need to brand yourself, make your life easier, and grow your vintage beauty business, both online and off. I will update and add more links as time goes by. I hope that it’s helpful for you!

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission or royalty if you choose to make a purchase, which helps me keep this site up and running. I will only recommend products whose quality I know and trust, but you should only purchase them if you feel that they will help you in growing your business!

Business and Marketing Tools


The Beauty Saloon store at is where you’ll find vintage-inspired business cards, marketing materials, and retro salon decor to brand your one of a kind freelance business or salon, all designed and created by me, Holly!



Canva is free to join and use, and you can easily design beautiful, professional graphics for use across social media, on your website or blog, and even to design printed promotional materials for your salon.

Vintage-Inspired Beauty Products



Shop Besame Cosmetics for luxurious, handmade vintage style makeup in beautiful packaging.


Vintage Beauty Techniques

Lauren Rennells has published three excellent books on vintage hairstyling and makeup, and her Bobby Pin Blog covers beauty history, techniques, and more.

Glamour Daze offers fabulous, authentic vintage makeup guides for instant download, either by decade or as a bundle.

The Beauty Is a Thing of the Past blog is a wealth of beauty tips and how-to’s from days gone by.

Tristan’s amazing YouTube channel is full of videos showing scans of vintage hairstyling magazines through the decades. It’s an online hairstyling museum!

The Glamour Daze website and YouTube channel are incredible resources for learning vintage makeup techniques, straight from the original sources.